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RESIDENT REVIEWS For Palms at Peccole Ranch Apartments in West Las Vegas, NV

Look at what our community is saying about Palms at Peccole Ranch. Here, we truly value our resident’s voices and opinions. It is important to us that each resident has a great experience living in our community. We encourage each resident to share their honest experience of living at Palms at Peccole Ranch so that we can continue to improve. Here, our current and future residents are our top priority.


Staff has been Great since Waterton took Over,Location is Great it's near Everything on a Walking Basis plus RTC Bus Route 206 that goes 24 Hours every Half of an Hour.My Only Complaint is The Pool and Gym are not 24-7 Anymore its 7am to 10pm at Least Close It at Midnight.




Since Waterton has taken over this place had improved dramatically. The people who work in the office seem to actually care unlike previous management. Timely in the repairs and always walking around the community. My first year here was extremely disappointing but my second has been great so far. Beside the break in last night.


This place is fantastic! It is like a 5 star resort community! The pools, the green ways, the management group! And the clubhouse! Awesome shopping nearby, hiking in the canyon. This place is a dream come true, for me and my family. We are really thankful for this community! People complain about places like this because they don't want an apartment. They want to live in a nursery, with a nanny service. They find it hard to live without mommy or daddy taking care of their every need. As for me? I love it, and I will do everything I can to help the management keep this place nice, and safe.


Not sure why everyone is knocking this place, its GREAT. Been here 2 years and not a single bug or "rude" staff....I think the people with bug problems are unlucky and probably have dirty neighbors and/or are dirty themselves. BEST price for the location...One minor problem I had was a free carpet cleaning on renewal of lease, made TWO appointments and have yet to see anyone come. I just pretty much let it go, dont care about it that much...also that DUMB clown thats in front of the property waving is prettyyyyyyy lame..If I would have saw that before I moved in I wouldnt even have stopped LOLOLOL. Lucinda is cool, couple new girls are sexy...and no I dont work for them or know them...just an honest opinion. All you high maintenance cry babies must have never lived in an apartment before. Bottom line this is a very quite complex, great area, and of course with ANY apt, or community there will be problems its LIFE and NATURE. Get over yourself.


I checked out the model and it looked great. the people who live there seam happy and the pools are beautiful! I enjoyed the tour and now after reading the following comments I feel nervous, but them I googles my place and there are several comments I disagree with too. My current place has become more than I can afford, but I love the staff and feel very safe here. I hope I made a good choice in this apartment! I do know that the nature trail is so nice and they do allow small dogs! So I am excited for the move anyways and will make the best of it. I'll write my review after the move to help. Wish me LUCK!

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